We’re big on the how. All manner of things can happen. But the way they happen makes the difference in how enjoyable and rewarding the experience is.

Over the years we’ve developed a recipe that works for us and our clients. It’s the simple things done well such as…

  • Having a team approach to our clients affairs with strong inter-office communication systems, so clients don’t have to repeat their requests
  • Promptly responding to phone calls
  • Having friendly, warm and approachable staff
  • Utilising the strong network of other professional services that we have built up over the years including legal, financial advisory, marketing, insurance and so on
  • Offering Fixed price agreements with clients, so you know your fees in advance and can budget accordingly

Here’s a few guarantees that we’re happy to commit to. It’s the way we do business.

We guarantee that you will:

  • Receive friendly courteous service
  • Be respected and never taken for granted
  • Have your work completed in a timely and efficient manner
  • Have your information protected in the strictest of confidence
  • Receive honest, upfront advice
  • Receive an exceptional standard of service
  • Have established points of contact with Byfields to ensure our accountability